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ByteRun Website Compiler

Website Compiler can convert website to standalone executable Windows application. Burn produced applications to CD/DVD and distribute everywhere.

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Example of using ByteRun Website Compiler
Compiled website running Static website: company overview

Simple website was compiled by Website Compiler Standard Edition into single EXE file (Windows native application).

Application can run from hard drive or from CD and requires no installation.

You can download and look at this example:

Compiled website running Dynamic website: game written in PHP

All functionality of dynamic website is available after compilation. Picture galleries, games, company sites with sheets, lists and advanced features like search, calculation, page composition can be burnt to CD and run on any computer offline.

You can download and look at this example:

Source of game is freely available and bundled with demo version of ByteRun Website Compiler

Benefits of using ByteRun Website Compiler
Complete website on CD:
  • Compile your company website and burn it on CD or DVD.
  • Distribute CD to browse your site offline.
  • Create portfolio and send it to your potential customers.
  • Create picture galleries for your family and friends.
  • Create knowledge bases for your employees.
Choose the edition that suits you best
Whether you're a single developer or a business owner, there is a ByteRun Website Compiler Edition that is right for you.

Use the table below to compare features in each edition.

Feature Standard
Compilation Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Internal compression Yes Yes Yes
PHP4 support No Yes Yes
SQLite support No No Yes
Free updates
(bugfixes, new minor versions)
Yes Yes Yes
Single User License Price $99 $179 $249

Need a new feature?

Tell us about the feature you need and we will try to implement it in future versions of Website Compiler!
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