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What is ByteRun Editor for PHP
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ByteRun Editor for PHP is the professional tool for developers working with many PHP scripts.

Handles many files simultaneously, syntax highlight, word-wrap.

Fast launch, explorer integration, mixed PHP + HTML + CSS + JavaScript highlight, advanced keyboard shortcuts, quick search and more.
Benefits of using ByteRun Editor for PHP
Ultimate syntax highlight

Highlight source of producing PHP scripts, CSS stylesheets, JS modules and mixed HTML/CSS/JS/PHP source.

Multicolor file icons

Icons with special gamma greatly helps differentiate files in explorer list.

Need a new feature?

Tell us about the feature you need and we will try to implement it in future versions of PHP Editor!
awardByteRun HTML Protector got the high rating (5 stars) at the TopShareWare site.
awardByteRun HTML Protector got the highest rating (5 stars) at the Softforall Technology site.
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