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What is ByteRun HTML Protector
ByteRun HTML Protector is the professional tool for protecting HTML pages of web sites.

After protection, source of your HTML pages, as well as JavaScript code can't be read or edited with HTML editor.

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Benefits of using ByteRun HTML Protector:
Completely encrypt source of HTML pages

You won't find any word from your content in protected source. It protects content of your site, your page design, JavaScript, VBScript. It also protects against "form post"-hacking and email-sniffing.

Increase speed of web site loading

Protected pages will be reduced in size. It means uploading protected files will take less time, protected pages will be loading faster. You will save your bandwidth and speed-up your site.

Disable offline browsing

If someone decide to download your site and spread it offline you can stop this.

Disable showing links

If your links are valuable you can hide them from showing but remain working

Disable text selection

It protects content of your site, nobody will "copy and paste" information from your pages.

Disable right click

It protects against saving images and extracting links from your pages.

Need a new feature?

Tell us about the feature you need and we will try to implement it in future versions of HTML Protector!
awardByteRun HTML Protector got the high rating (5 stars) at the TopShareWare site.
awardByteRun HTML Protector got the highest rating (5 stars) at the Softforall Technology site.
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